Preaching the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to everyone everywhere and at every opportunity by involving in:

  1. Personal Evangelism
  2. Music/Drama Evangelism
  3. Career Evangelism
  4. Tract Evangelism
  5. Audio/Visual Film/Video Evangelism
  6. Organizing Open Air Crusades
  7. Mobile/Street Evangelism.



Educating the church at every opportunity on the basic/balanced biblical truths to make wheat and not weeds by engaging in:

  1. Teaching Ministry: Teaching the scriptural truth in any denomination when/where allowed.
    • Organizing Conference for the different people group in the church, e.g. men, women, youths and children) when and where there is opportunity.
    • Training of Personnel for the different area of church services/stewardship
  2. Publishing of Literatures: Publications of Christian literatures on different subjects for Christian growth.
    • Adequate Bible Study packs for Christian growth.
    • Christian Literatures on different subjects for Christian edification.



Organizing intensive prayers for the body of Christ on different matters/issues as directed by the Holy Spirit or as informed  for example Missions and Missionaries.



Giving supports/assisting on social, health and general welfare of converts, missionaries and people as need may be.

  1. Health Education
  2. Medical Counseling Service
  3. Financial Assistance: clothing and food.
  4. Vocational Training Program
  5. Other Community development programs in any less privileged areas.



SOULWINNERS’ TEAM MINISTRY remains a non-denominational Christian Ministry but will engage in church planting where there is no existing church denomination and no capable denomination to take over the converts on her policies for such. SOULWINNERS’ TEAM MINISTRY believes in Christian growth through fellowship.