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Handling Ministry and Motherhood

Handling Ministry and Motherhood

Proverbs 31:10-31, Judges 4, Acts 16:14-15, Acts 9:36, Romans 16:1-12.

 Improper handling of ministry and motherhood can be very dangerous and destructive. It could become sin and lead to church discipline.  In the home it might lead to misunderstanding, divorce, and a ruin of the children’s lives and or destinies. It can result as well into loss of joy and peace of such an individual woman. At times it might end in psychiatric problem and some other terrible sicknesses and sudden death.  So it must be given a serious attention. Motherhood is becoming more cumbersome while the work of the ministry is becoming enormous than before. How then do we cope without any of the two at the detriment of the other?  

The following likely areas of challenges and the stated questions for discussion will guide us in finding solution to this issue in Jesus name. Amen.

  • Time Management: How many hours are in a day? How many hours do we devote to the ministry and how many do we give to the load of work and care of motherhood? Do we need rest at all? Can we work throughout the day? Is there any danger? How do we manage out time to accomplish ‘all’ satisfactorily without any of the two suffering at the expense of the other? We need to strike a balance.
  • Finance: Since we have financial responsibilities to both God and our family members, how then do we divide our money? In what ratio should it be? Which should be of priority? We must divide it, considering the scriptural injunctions on our money.
  • Prayers: Both ministry and our family members need our intercessory prayers, then how many hours or days do we use in praying for the family and the ministry? Develop an impartial time range from the perspective of a mother: biological and spiritual mother.
  • Welfare: The well being of the church members and the well being of our family members which one should be of priority to us or how do we handle it?
  • Health: Which one should be considered first: the health of my family members, the church members, and my health? Then how do I go about it.
  • Relationship: How do I relate with the members of the church and my family members without room for envy and jealousy? Especially with the opposite sex and other children in the church and or ministry.

I will summarize the discussion with the testimony of Liana Eze: I was working in one of the big companies as Operation manager, a very sensitive and time demanding position. And as a career woman I was at the same time running a postgraduate course in one of the higher institution in my country. I had a super store where I spent most of my evenings in order to meet up our expenses because my husband’s professional examination was gulping our money then. As a young energetic woman, who would like to fulfill the mandate of ministerial call upon her life and a burning zeal to please my God, I was involved in most of the activities in my local church. Moreover, I was been invited to speak in conferences and conventions as well as Christian fellowships in higher institutions. I am married with two small children, which required a full motherhood duty as a young home maker without experience. But, my sisters some areas were being affected, for instance my health was deteriorating, lateness to the office and Christian programs and failing at certain duties in the home were becoming obvious. But I continued to patch up because I thought failure to do any of these things means that I am not been fulfilled.

  God however knew my sincerity in engaging in all these activities and because of some of you that will need this piece of advice in life.

One weekend I had an invitation to minister in one of the higher institutions in another city in my country. As my usual practice I took my children to my mother’s house because I might not come back that same day. As I was sitting in the bus waiting for other passengers to come, I heard a strange voice with a message different from my idea about the ministry and HE spoke thus ‘It will be better if you have time for these children and your husband now because of the future of this ministry and your old age!’ I knew who was speaking that it is God, so I wanted to get down but the voice said “you can go today but allow me to plan your life, home, ministry and your career”

 Truly I dropped certain things for some other things as God started to plan my life. Although to many people around me is stupidity but to me is relevant with HIS plan for my life. I had to pass through many unbearable conditions, many ridicules, pains, hunger and even ill -treatment; but my brethren I thank God that I yielded to that advice if not it could have been another story today. THE HOLY SPIRIT mentored me without any regret.

The best way to handle the ministry and motherhood is to allow God to plan your life, home, ministry, and your career. Allow Him, my colleagues; He will help you set His own priority in your life without any regret. THE HOLY SPIRIT MENTORSHIP – “Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you. He will make your innocence radiate like the dawn, and the justice of your cause will shine like the noonday sun. Psalms 37:5-6 NLT. – the pearl


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