His Ever Open Arms

When Nemmy was about sixteen years, she had an unwanted pregnancy for one of her classmate who denied it. Her disciplinarian parent out of frustration sent her to her grandparent in the village to live with them to cover their shame. But Nemmy had another pregnancy for the village teacher who was employed to teach her privately. Life became bitter and difficult for her. In her own words she said “ I never knew it could become a bizarre experience, a confused life of regret and bitterness. I thought I was so beautiful when boys were hovering round me, I never knew that once they nectar me they will dump me as bees dumped the roses that they nectared. I was fond of going to parties and I had almost a gross of boyfriends. I refused the advice of both my parent and the concerned people around me. I then became a housemaid in Portharcourt instead of becoming a banker that I desired as a young girl. My mistress was very cruel to me so I decided to have an illicit affairs with her husband. She would only allow to eat apu [starch] without meat. I became haggard and lean. My once attractive face was looking like a sixty-year-old woman’s face when I was only twenty years old.
One day as I was cleaning the shelf in the children’s room I saw a tract [gospel leaflet] with oil stains, I picked it up as the pictures on it attracted me. But when I opened it I saw the story of a woman that was almost similar to mine. Her womb was removed due to several abortions she had when she was young. But when she became a christian God restored her womb and gave her children. I decided to give my life to Jesus if He can amend my life as He did for the woman. I repeated the prayers at the back of the tract several days and I had a new hope”.
God answered Nemmy’s prayers and she was forgiven. A neighbour gave her some christian literatures on christian growth. She restituted her ways to have peace with God and people. God amended Nemmy’s life as she is now a school teacher in Ikono in Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. There is a similar story in the bible of the Prodigal son who wasted all his belongings through pleasure living. Luke 15:11-32 But one day like Nemmy he remembered His Father’s Love and Opened Arms. He came back to his Father and Repent of his mistakes. The Ever-waiting Father warmly received His son back and rehabilitated him. Have you wasted your life, time, money, beauty, body and talents? God as a loving and forgiving Father is waiting for you to return back to His ever-opened arms. He is waiting to forgive and to rehabilitate you no matter how long you have strayed. Who are you? A prostitute, murderer, cultist, armed-robber, drug addict? God wants you to REPENT of your evil ways TODAY.
Say this prayer like Nemmy did from a decided heart: Thou Merciful God I acknowledged that I have sinned against you. I was a [mention who you are and be specific] before but as from today I renounce it. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of all my sins. I confess JESUS CHRIST as my LORD and SAVIOUR. Deliver me oh LORD today and rehabilitate me in your loving kindness. Thank you for forgiving me in Christ name I prayed. Amen.
Dear friend you are now a child of God so read your bible daily and pray using the name of Jesus daily. Start to attend a bible believing and practicing church. We pray the Lord will direct you in Jesus Name.